Investment Portfolio

F&P4BIZ has started up in the second half of 2019, operating in several industrial sectors through investments (Buy-Side), M&A operations (Sell-Side) and industrial advisory (In-Side).

The common element of the operations carried out is the awareness on the role of F&P4BIZ that it can effectively contribute to the investment enhancement process thanks to the contribution of industrial and managerial skills.


Test Industry


Test Industry S.r.l. is a company operating in the design, production and marketing of test benches for production or laboratory testing activities, through resistance, burst, dimensional, seal, measurement and operation tests, in five sectors: rims and tires (so-called “wheels and tires – automotive”), sealing, flushing and special machines (so-called “leak and flow and special machines – automotive”), hydraulics (so-called “hydraulics”), aerospace (so-called “aerospace”) and mechanics for industrial vehicles (so-called “mechanics for industrial vehicles”).

The Group was founded in 2017 in order to integrate two realities, Bimal Srl (Perugia) and Leonardo Srl (Brescia), active in the industrial testing sector, and to lay the foundations to create, by consolidating other realities, a global player in its own sector of reference. Test Industry achieves revenues of over € 30 million, with a profitability of over 20%.

In August 2019, the investment vehicle promoted by F&P4BIZ, together with other institutional investors, acquired 100% of the capital of Test Industry. The transaction was completed through a new acquisition vehicle (“Newco”), in whose capital the entrepreneurs of Leonardo and Bimal have also reinvested, in the context of an LBO operation.

The main drivers of the operation were:

  • Technological and product leadership with the Leonardo and Bimal brands recognized in the reference sector as among the best-in-class;
  • Scalable business and ideal platform for a buy & build strategy in order to consolidate the highly fragmented reference market by achieving a greater global presence;
  • Long-term supportive trend and related to the ever-increasing demand and need to verify the reliability, quality and performance required on any industrial product which makes both laboratory and production testing essential;
  • Highly experienced and qualified management team;
  • Business with interesting profitability and high cash generation capacity.



BluVet S.r.l. is an Italian company active in the purchase and management of excellent facilities for animal care. BluVet’s mission is to support the growth of veterinary clinics and the improvement of services provided, leveraging on the quality and specialization of the services provided, on the development of medical staff skills, on the efficiency and digitization of processes.

BluVet’s goal is to rapidly expand its network, build a national network of reference structures and assume a leadership role in the consolidation process of the veterinary care sector in Italy. Among the values ​​of BluVet, attention to issues of corporate and social responsibility and the enhancement of professionalism.

In December 2020, the investment vehicle promoted by F&P4BIZ, together with other institutional investors, carried out a first capital increase in BluVet for a share exceeding 90% of the company’s capital. A second capital increase was completed in July 2021 to continue supporting the company on its growth path through acquisitions.

The investment drivers were:

  • The great competence and experience of BluVet management and the medical staff of the network;
  • The solid prospects of the pet-economy sector in Italy, already characterized by high and constant growth rates in a context that is increasingly sensitive to the issues of “Pet Humanization”, which already boasted a turnover of over 2 billion in 2019 of Euro;
  • The opportunity for rapid business scalability linked to the consolidation process underway in the animal care sector, which in the Italian market is still fragmented and characterized by small structures often characterized by issues of generational change;
  • The prospect of an important enhancement of the investment on the wave of what has already been experienced in the sector abroad.


FARMA group

FARMA is one of the world leaders in the production of refueling systems complete with cap, filler neck, filter and related accessories for fuel and urea tanks. The group serves over 500 customers all over the world, including the major global players in the industrial transport and earthmoving and agro machinery sectors.

FARMA is also active in the molding of high quality and complex zana components not only for industrial vehicles, but also for the hydraulic, medical, food, electronic and door and window sectors. In the plastic molding department, FARMA manufactures plastic parts for the industrial vehicles division. Finally, it designs and manufactures molds for its products and on order, offering specialized assistance according to the different applications.

The group, active since 1975 in Fossatone di Medicina (Bologna), with over 80 resources employed in Italy and a fully integrated production process, generates revenues for a total of 15 million euros, with a profitability of over 20%.

In April 2021, the investment vehicle promoted by F&P4BIZ acquired 100% of the capital of FARMA The transaction was finalized through a new acquisition vehicle (“Newco”), in whose capital the entrepreneurs and managers have also reinvested, in the context of an LBO transaction.

The main drivers of the operation were:

  • Technological and product leadership, thanks to a high degree of process and product know-how, proprietary patents and the efficiency of a fully integrated production system;
  • Scalable business model also through external growth operations, solid competitive position, large and geographically diversified customer base;
  • Supportive market trends for the industrial vehicle sector and in relation to the increasing demand for quality, reliability and safety of refueling systems;
  • Highly experienced and qualified management team;
  • Business with significant profitability and high cash generation capacity.


Founded in 1947 in Biassono (MB), Panzeri is active in the design, production and distribution of high-end lighting solutions. The company produces catalogue and custom-made lamps and lighting systems as well as soundproofing solutions, focusing on both retail distribution and custom-made projects for private and commercial spaces developed in collaboration with designers and architects. The company has sales branches in Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates and exports to over 60 countries worldwide through a network of partners and distributors, with a particular presence in the DACH region, the Middle East and North America. Panzeri also stands out for its focus on sustainability, a founding principle of the company ethos: the company has, among other things, an energy self-sufficient production plant, which covers 65 per cent of its needs with solar energy, and an R&D division specialising in LED technologies, focused on the development of products with longer life and lower energy consumption.


Righi Elettroservizi SpA

Founded in 1991, Righi Elettroservizi S.p.A. is a company of the Righi Group and a leader in the industrial automation and renewable energy sectors. In 2022, the company, whose headquarter is in Cesena, generated 63.5 million euros of value of production, growing steadily in the last four years with a CAGR 2019-22 of 20.0%, and an EBITDA of 9.1 million, equal to 14.4%. The year 2023 ended with substantially higher results than the previous year. The customer base consists of major industrial groups with which the company has ongoing partnerships.

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