Who We Are

F&P Equity Partners was founded in 2023 as an evolution of F&P4BIZ from which it inherited experience, skills, and network. Designed to be a boutique of tailor-made solutions available to entrepreneurs and investors, F&P Equity Partners leverages the industrial, managerial and financial expertise of its partners. The company, based in Milan but with a strong international bias, aims to facilitate, thanks to the tools offered by private equity and in particular by Club Deal, the meeting between companies ready to grow and capital looking for opportunities.

Guglielmo Fiocchi, Maurizio Perroni and Andrea Lovato, founders and managing partners of F&P Equity Partners, and Lorenzo Rutigliano, Board Member and partner of RTZ, come from the worlds of industry, private equity and corporate consulting. Their professional background guarantees strongly complementary know-how, experiences and networks, the result of decades of activity in contact with companies of all sizes and sectors, both in Italy and abroad. Young professionals with brilliant international experience and successful entrepreneurs complete the team.

Company, Mission and Values

F&P Equity Partners leverages the synergetic integration of the skills of its founders, partners and board members. In particular, the Investment Team has 30 years of experience in both the industrial and Private Equity sectors, having managed:
  • 70+ companies, both in Italy and abroad
  • 8 corporate turnarounds
  • 3+ bn of capex investments
  • 600+ mln investments in Corporate M&A
  • more than 30,000 collaborators
  • 70+ private and M&A transactions in Italy and abroad
The company's purpose is:
  • to support entrepreneurs and their business community both operationally and financially.
  • to be an instrument of encounter between industry and finance, proposing itself as a reference interlocutor for those who wish to invest in the business activity, venture capital or debt, in contexts characterised by an important "presidium" of industrial aspects.
The decisions and actions of F&P Equity Partners are inspired by competence, independence, passion in doing, sharing, transparency, integrity and work culture.

What makes us Different

  • The track record of the promoters, matured in the management of more than 70 companies with more than 90 plants and in the realisation of more than 70 Private Equity and M&A transactions in Italy and abroad.
  • The depth and complementarity of industrial, financial and corporate knowledge and experience.
  • The combined and synergic use of managerial, M&A and private equity skills at the service of Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  • An established network of experts to be involved on a case-by-case basis if necessary.


F&P Equity Partners is an investment boutique in illiquid assets according to the “Club Deal” formula, characterised by a logic of co-investment and co-involvement of its Investing Partners “on a deal by deal basis”.

In addition to private equity operations, the services offered by F&P Equity Partners include both the development of business strategies and the improvement of company performance with all-round support of the entrepreneur and his management, with the application of consolidated methodologies. In addition, the company advises on M&A transactions.

F&P Equity Partners is aimed at entrepreneurs in the services and industry sectors and at financiers who are not only inclined to invest risk capital in business activities, but are also interested in closely following the industrial evolution of the companies themselves. A catalogue of customised services and consultancy, tailored to the needs and propensity of each interlocutor, is available to both parties.


In mid-2019, Guglielmo Fiocchi and Maurizio Perroni (F&P) founded F&P4BIZ, which in little more than three years became a leading player in Italian private equity through the club deal formula, with successful transactions that rapidly expanded the investment portfolio, involving dozens of investors. On the initiative of Fiocchi, Perroni, Andrea Lovato, who in the meantime joined F&P4BIZ as managing partner, and the professional firm RTZ, F&P Equity was founded in March 2023. These are the main milestones leading to the foundation of F&P Equity Partners:

2019: F&P4BIZ is founded whose first transaction targets Test Industry, a leading company in the test bench sector

2020: investment in Aritmetika (a company focused on developing cutting-edge solutions for website performance) and BluVet (a leader in the veterinary clinic sector);

2021: acquisition of FARMA (a world-leading company in the design and production of refuelling systems for industrial vehicles); start of the partnership with RTZ; Giovanni Righi joins the team; birth of F&PML and Partners, a management company focused on the turnaround of companies in crisis, founded with Andrea Lovato and Filippo Mantegazza

2022: industrial and financial support, also through subsequent aucap, to investee companies to finance their growth through acquisitions. As at 31.12.2022, more than 20 acquisition add-ons had been completed on portfolio companies over the previous three years. Andrea Lovato joined as Managing Partner; Gino Amadi, as operating partner, and Eugenio Rocco joined the team.

2023: continued strategic and financial support for portfolio companies. Bluvet makes further add-ons; birth of F&P Equity Partners


F&P Academy is a social responsibility initiative of F&P Equity partners aimed at undergraduates and graduates under 30, with brilliant educational backgrounds in STEM subjects (science, technology, economics and mathematics).

The Academy’s activities, which are completely gratuitous, include:

mentoring, without an expiry date and with constantly renewed perspectives, ranging from career choices to private life, with suggestions on the first job to accept or look for, on the possible continuation of studies, on the path of growth to follow even after the first work experience, with no limits for the mentor in terms of topics to be dealt with and advice to be given, except for the continuous reminder of ethics and social responsibility

meetings between mentees and professionals and managers as speakers, characterised by unquestionable skills, reflected professional ethics and the pleasure of sharing experiences and paths.

The Academy’s inspiring values are

  • the inseparable combination of business and ethics
  • social responsibility towards all stakeholders, especially towards the younger generations, in terms of job opportunities and the sharing of skills and experiences.


Guglielmo Fiocchi

He is an industrial management expert.  After graduating in Aerospace Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, for over 20 years he has held top positions both in Italy and abroad, as CEO or General Manager, in large international industrial groups – BTR, Pirelli, Sogefi, Sinterama – with global responsibility in diversified business – B2B, B2C, Retail, OEM, Aftermarket – and industrial sectors – Automotive, Textile, Packaging, Energy Trasmission, Apparel, Transport.

Grown in a family of entrepreneurs since 1876, Guglielmo has plenty of experience in different kind of environments (more than 15 years abroad,UK-Spain and Germany) and different strategies , from growth through innovation or new markets exploitation or acquisitions to turnaround operations and industrial restructuring.

He also adds M&A expertise, as well as extraordinary finance alongside institutional investors. Guglielmo combines the classic managerial competences with mentoring and coaching capabilities , delivering keynote speeches such as Lectio Magistralis at the prestigious Bocconi School of Management  SDA (“ managers as entrepreneur in a multinational company”).

He’s an alumnus board member of Milan Polytechnic (Alumni Politecnico di Milano), from which he graduated with the ‘Iosti’ prize – for the youngest candidate to get MSc with fullnotes. He also invests in start-ups himself. In 2014  he was nominated “Automotive Supplier CEO of the year” (europe.autonews.com).

Maurizio Perroni

Private Capital and M&A expert, he graduated cum laude in Economics at the Rome L.U.I.S.S. University and holds an MBA from Leonard Stern School of Business at New York University. Most of his career has been spent in the Private Equity sector, as Chief Executive Officer and Investment Director in leading operators such as Chase Gemina Italia, CVC Capital Partners, Quadrivio, Siparex, Cape.

He has acquired over 25 years of experience in the investments and in the management of investment portfolios in both industrial and service companies, in Italy and abroad. He has sat on several boards of directors of the investee companies and contributed to support entrepreneur and management in the implementation of the company value improvement strategies.

Chartered Accountant, he is a member of the M&A Commission of the A.I.F.I. (Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt).

Andrea Lovato

Lovato is an engineer with a degree from Milan Polytechnic and has extensive experience as a top manager in Italy and abroad for large multinationals, holding a wide variety of top management positions in numerous industries.

His career began at Forster Wheeler in 1990, before moving to the United Kingdom in 1992, where he worked for the Mars Group. From 1993 to 2000 he was at Pirelli Tyres, where he oversaw the restructuring of industrial activities and the development of new initiatives in the Asian region. In 2000 he was among the founders of Jakala, a company that over time has become a leader in multichannel services and web marketing with more than 300 million euros in sales. Since 2003 Lovato has been with Fiat and then Iveco as Vice President Strategies, a position he left in 2005 to join the Techint Group, where he remains until 2022, holding various roles: from 2015 to 2020 he is CEO of Tenova (a world leader in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for the metallurgical and mining industry) and then, from 2020 to 2022, CEO of Takraf GmbH (a German group for the design and supply of material handling systems).

Giovanni Righi – Director

Engineer with proven problem solving skills (GMAT 760), bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering (110 cum laude) at the University of Modena completed in two years, master’s degree in Management Engineering (110) at the Politecnico di Milano, semester at the Norwegian Business School in Oslo and winning the CFA Research Challenge at national level.

Three-month internship in the Milan office of Bain & Company. From 2019 to 2021 he worked in Zurich for SUSI Partners AG, a Swiss fund manager with approximately EUR 2bn AUM, where he gained experience on Private Equity and Private Debt transactions mainly in the energy sector. From the beginning of 2022 he joined the F&P4BIZ team with the role of Associate and responsibility over all business areas.

Eugenio Rocco - Analyst

A graduate in Science in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, despite his young age he already boasts important experience in prestigious international consulting firms such as PriceWaterhouseCooper and Ernst&Young.

At F&P4BIZ he is mainly involved in the creation of dynamic financial models for the evaluation of leverage buyouts to assess the expected internal rate of return (IRR) on private equity investments. He is also involved in relations with M&A intermediaries and in the development of strategies to improve the performance of the companies in which F&P4BIZ invests.


Lorenzo Rutigliano

A founding partner of RTZ, he is an expert in corporate, accounting and tax matters. He has extensive experience in extraordinary financial transactions related to business development and corporate restructuring.

For over 20 years, he has been providing professional assistance in M&A and private equity transactions.

A chartered accountant and auditor, he has carried out and continues to carry out corporate assignments within the administration and control bodies. Over the years, he has fulfilled numerous mandates as an expert witness and expert in the context of extraordinary transactions.

Gino Amadi – Operating Partner

Entrepreneur. For more than 30 years, he managed, as major shareholder and CEO, ISA, a company in the province of Varese, Italy, leader in the electrical equipment testing sector. In 2017, he opened the company’s capital to a private equity fund and started a further growth process through acquisitions, creating the Altanova Group. A leader in the field of testing and continuous monitoring of high-voltage electrical infrastructure, Altanova was formed through the acquisition of Techimp, which operates in the partial discharge sector, and IntelliSAW, a US company that makes temperature and partial discharge sensors. In 2021, the Group was sold to the American multinational ESCO Technologies. The transaction resonated widely in the Private Equity world, winning the Demattè 2021 award in the Buy Out category. After the acquisition by ESCO and until July 2022, he held the role of wordwide manager of the Altanova and Doble Group activities.

Studio RTZ

Studio Rutigliano Tiezzi Zucca is a professional association of chartered accountants, lawyers, accounting experts and labour consultants with offices in Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Casalgrande (RE) and Firenze. Thanks to the many years of experience and complementary skills of its professionals, RTZ guarantees customised consultancy and assistance services to multinationals, medium and small enterprises and public bodies.

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